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Case Results

  • Not Guilty Facing Life in Prison

    In one of the biggest Ventura County defense trial wins. Lemonwood Chique gang member found not guilty by self-defense when accused with attempting to murder rival gang members by shooting into their vehicle. Faced life in prison.

  • Not Guilty Resisting Arrest
    Of resisting arrest of a police officer by force/violence.
  • Case Dismissed Domestic Violence
    Client charged with domestic violence and three strikes. Faced life in prison.
  • Case Dismissed Solicitation for Murder
    Solicitation for murder.
  • Case Dismissed Domestic Violence
    In one year over 35 domestic violence cases dismissed.
  • Case Dismissed Attempted Rape
    Attempted rape and forced oral copulation, false imprisonment.
  • Charges Reduced Drug Possession
    Over 20 clients charged with drug possession and drug transportation for sales, beating the charges, and obtaining simple possession and drug treatment programs.
  • Case Dismissed Possession for Sale
    Client charged with possession for sale of over a pound of methamphetamine, hundreds of pills, case dismissed on defense motion to suppress evidence.
  • Case Dismissed Gang Involved Home Invasion Robbery
    Alleged Fillmore Gang Member, charged with gang involved home invasion robbery with guns. Client faced life in prison.
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