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  • Christopher Welch is the best!

    I am so glad that he was recommended to me and don't know what I would have done without him. He is a great criminal defense attorney an goes above and beyond for his clients. Christopher Handled my case in a very professional way and answered all my questions and concerns and kept me assured at all times. He is very trustworthy and I felt completely comfortable with him during my process with the courts. He did an excellent job for me and was always available and concerned with how I was feeling. Christopher did an excellent job and I highly recommend him to anyone and everyone who needs a great criminal attorney. He is a terrific person.

    Oct 28, 2014
  • Exceptional Professionalism and Dedication to Clients!

    Mr. Welch is a fantastic criminal defense attorney. In my instance, a firearm was discharged and I was facing several felony, misdemeanor charges, and threeyears time in federal prison. The entire process was made very easy. He went above and beyond his normal duties and was truly concerned with my well being. Mr. Welch contacted fellow colleagues to assist me with personal issues that I was having in relation to my case. As a member of the Armed Forces I was also facing the chance of losing my security clearance. His loyal dedication, excellent communication, and his genuine demeanor resulted in nearly all charges, except one misdemeanor, to be dropped. The sentence was very minimal and I was able to keep my security clearance. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND Mr. Welch for any and all of your legal needs.

    May 23, 2014
  • Christopher Welch is a humanitarian, serves his clients with dignity and wins.

    Our son Tommy Lennon suffered a traumatic brain injury at 16 years of age, in a surfing accident. It took 75 stitches by a plastic surgeon to repair the wound on his right forehead and upper cheek and an x-ray revealed a hairline fracture of the skull and we were told to watch for signs of concussion. Tommy was sent home with an undiagnosed traumatic brain injury. Our son's behavior had changed immediately because the impulse control area of his brain, had been severely injured. The United States of America continues to build more jails and prisons than any country in the world. Christopher Welch knows the criminal justice system and has contributed to our son's life in such a miraculous way that Tommy continues to get the help he needs in rehabilitation programs, instead of serving jail and prison time. Christopher Welch is a humanitarian, serves his clients with dignity and wins. He has been working with Tommy and our family for over seven years on a very regular basis.

    Jan 27, 2014