Pretext Calls

Pretext Calls, Text Messages, Etc.

When you make a telephone call or send a text message to a third person, do not assume the police cannot gain access to those communications.

In certain cases, especially those involving suspected sex offenses involving minors, it is typical for police in Ventura and Los Angeles Counties to use what is called a “pretext” call. The victim contacts the alleged perpetrator and tries to get him or her to apologize for what happened. These calls are not only monitored by police, they are also admissible in court.

Communications by text message can also be used against you. The use of text messages is very common in drug cases, gang cases, and crimes involving threats. Deleting text messagesfrom your phone, or even the recipient’s phone does not mean they will not be discovered by the District Attorney.

If the police have this type of incriminating evidence against you, talk to the Law Office of Christopher P. Welch today. We have experience taking the toughest cases head-onand winning.