Expungements & Sealing Your Record

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Get an expungement, get your life back. After an expungement it will be easier for you to:

  • Get the job you want
  • Qualify for public housing
  • Receive for state and professional licenses
  • Put your past behind you

You don’t have to let your old convictions hold you back. Much of your criminal record can be wiped clean.

After Completion of Probation:

You are automatically entitled to an expungement after you successfully completed probation. After successful completion of probation, getting an expungement simply requires knowing what paperwork to fill out and filling it out properly.The Law Office of Christopher P. Welch can assist you and ensure it gets done properly and fast. Using a criminal defense attorney is the fastest method to getting an expungement.

Still on Probation with no Violations:

If you are still on probation but have not had any significant violations, you may be a candidate for early termination of probation. If your probation is terminated you may immediately apply for an expungement.

Completion of Probation With Violations:

If you violated the terms of your probation, the court will still have the discretion to help you. This is a much more complicated process, and it is particularly important to have an attorney who knows how the system works. You will need to demonstrate why it is in the interest of justice to grant the expungement. This process involves fact-finding and the preparation of important court documents, customized for you. Any attorney will allow you to navigate this process and maximize your chances for success.

Expunged convictions can be seen by employers, but by law, they cannot discriminate against you for that conviction.

Sealing Your Arrest Records:

If you successfully completed Diversion of Deferred Entry Judgment for a drug-related offense, you may move to have your arrest records sealed pursuant to Penal Code section 851.90(a). This process is time-consuming and requires drafting a motion, serving the motion, and appearing in court, but after the records are sealed it will be almost as if the arrest never happened.

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