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Approximately 1/3 of prisoners currently in California state prisons are serving time for drug-related offenses. In county jails, that percentage is even higher. In many cases, an arrest may even be avoided altogether if the person accused simply knows their rights.

Federal and state drug possession laws make it a crime to willfully possess illegal controlled substances such as:

  • marijuana
  • methamphetamine
  • cocaine
  • LSD
  • “club drugs"
  • heroin

These laws also criminalize the possession of “precursor” chemicals used in drug cultivation and manufacturing, as well as certain accessories related to drug use.

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Determining Penalties for Possession

Drug possession laws vary according to drug type, amount, and geographic area of the offense. Possession of small quantities may be deemed “simple” possession, while possession of large amounts may result in a charge of presumed “possession with intent to sell.”

The US and California Constitutions give individuals the right to refuse certain searches, to avoiding answering questions, and to have an attorney present. Knowing these rights can help avoid trouble with the law in the first place. These laws are complicated, but Chris Welch is able to answer basic questions in a free consultation. More information is available on the Know Your Rights page.

Drug Charges

  • Possession: An attorney can challenge how the drugs or drug-related equipment was found. An improper search or seizure can result in dismissal of a case. Often the District Attorney has a difficult time proving whom the drugs belong to.
  • Under the influence: An experienced attorney knows how to request and interpret complicated lab results to determine whether flaws in the equipment or a break in the chain of custody could have resulted in an error.
  • Sales: Similar to possession, sales and sales related charges can also have opportunities to win based on search and seizure issues. It is often difficult for the District Attorney to prove whether drugs are for sale or for personal use.

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