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Getting Help with a Plea Bargain in Ventura County

Plea bargains are beneficial to pursue or accept in some instances, given that a lawyer can arrange for lower sentencing or the dismissal of jail time when striking a deal with the prosecution team.

As an example, if someone is arrested for DUI in Ventura County, he or she may decide to prove innocence through the help of a lawyer, or in other cases pursue a plea bargain for a lower charge.

Typical DUI sentencing in Ventura County includes jail time, fines of no less than $390, jail time, probation, license suspension, DUI School and more. When negotiating a plea bargain, offenders have the opportunity to contend with less consequences including:

  • Wet and Reckless Driving – one of the main benefits of this charge is that offenders typically face no issues with license suspension. Other similar charges that carry lower penalties compared to DUI include Dry Reckless Driving. This offense does not count as a prior DUI, and offenders won’t have to risk submitting a SR22 form to insurance organizations.
  • Exhibition of Speed is another offense that an offender can be charged with instead of a DUI. Most cases result in defendants receiving a probation, even though jail time and other fines are a possibility.
  • Being Drunk in Public or DIP – is another related crime that carries far less consequences.

The take home message for this post is that a lawyer can help someone arrested for DUI faces less sentencing. A lawyer can take a defendant through all the court processes including the DMV hearing, the arraignment if no plea bargains are set, as well as the trial.

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