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The Penalties for Evading a Police Officer in California

Evading a police officer is akin to resisting an arrest, however slightly different. Some of the key elements of this crime include:

  • An individual flees from a police officer who was located in a branded cop car or bicycle.
  • The defendant would need to be driving at the time, and intentionally evaded signals to pull over from a marked police vehicle or bicycle.
  • The signals would be the traditional flashing lights.
  • The officer can usually provide witnesses or recordings that a siren was switched on, and audible at the time.

This is a misdemeanor offense, though aggravating circumstances can lead to felony charges. The penalties for this crime include:

  • A maximum of one thousand in fines
  • A maximum of one year in jail
  • Confiscation of the offender’s vehicle for a limited period of time
  • Suspension of the offender’ s driver’s license

If you’ve been charged with evading a police officer in uniform and one that was in a marked vehicle, call Chris Welch Law at 805-650-7900 today. The Ventura defense attorneys will work to construct the best defense strategies, some of which include:

  • That the defendant was unaware of the police officer’s signals to stop. This isn’t uncommon for individuals who are heavily stressed, or even under the influence of prescriptions.
  • Being under the influence can sometimes be used as a defense, given that the offender was unable to reason logically while intoxicated.

Visit our criminal defense website to learn more. For more details about this crime, refer to California Vehicle Code 2800.1.