Public Defender vs. Private Attorney

Why Should I Choose a Private Attorney Over a Public Defender?

While many public defenders are fantastic, skilled lawyers who represent their clients to the utmost capability, the fact of the matter is that public defenders are government employees and subject to overwhelming caseloads, budget cuts, and bureaucratic politics. Even though you may attempt to persuade your public defender to look at your case from a different angle, or look more closely into the facts of your situation, a public cannot afford to give you the close, personal attention of a private attorney.

With a private criminal defense attorney, you are afforded the opportunity to consult with a lawyer who is able to give you their undivided attention. A private criminal defense attorney will likely have better resources at their disposal to respond to the many motions the District Attorney will file, and as a result will put you in a better position to face the minimum penalties possible.

Mr. Welch takes pride in his ability to work closely with clients to establish their strongest legal defense. He will work tirelessly on your behalf and advocate zealously to defend your freedom. Call our Ventura criminal defense lawyer today for help with your case.