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Your sex crime charges need to be taken seriously. In addition to the criminal penalties you are facing, you could also be forced to register as a lifetime sex offender. Why work with Attorney Welch? Mr. Welch handles sex crime charges with integrity and privacy, applying his decade of experience working in the legal field to the defense of his clients. He is widely recognized for his skill, having earned a top rating from Avvo and successfully defended many clients.

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Defense for Rape & Statutory Rape Charges

Rape refers to nonconsensual intercourse by means of force or threat of violence. Having sex with another person who is unconscious or who has not given his or her consent is also considered rape.

Statutory rape refers to sexual intercourse with a person who is under the age of 18. Statutory rape is consensual (both parties are willing participants), however, one person is not old enough to legally make this type of consent.

  • If you have been accused of rape or statutory rape in Ventura, then you will need a defense attorney on your side who can:
  • Adhere to the special evidential rules that apply to cases of this nature
  • Fully present your side of the story, despite the complex restrictions that apply to these types of cases
  • Effectively read the judge and / or jury and communicate in a way that avoids prejudices that may exist against the situation

Defense for Child Molestation and Child Pornography

Child molestation refers to the lewd acts committed with a child. The social stigma associated with child molestation can make it difficult to fight charges of this nature, but Mr. Welch has successfully defeated allegations of this kind on a number of occasions.

Child pornography refers to the possession, production, advertisement, development, duplication, and / or exchange of pornographic films and pictures of anyone under the age of 18. Sting operations are often enforced by California and federal law enforcement officers to catch offenders.

  • Possible defenses to child pornography allegations include:
  • Child pornography was accessed or distributed accidentally
  • Law enforcement officers overstepped their boundaries and / or violated search and seizure laws
  • Constitutional protections against entrapment
  • Mistaken identity

Whether you are facing rape charges or child sexual offense charges, the Law Office of Christopher P. Welch can be contacted for help. During your free case evaluation with, Mr. Welch, a Ventura sex crime defense lawyer, you can learn more about the possible methods of defense for your case. Call the firm today!