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Prescription pills - Drug crime defense in California

If you've been accused of a drug crime in the Ventura area, you need to seek legal defense immediately. Because government and criminal investigations often become "rushes to judgment," the defendant's constitutional rights can be overlooked.

With Mr. Welch on your side, this is not the case. The former prosecutor actively works to protect the rights of his clients in all types of drug-related offenses. The Law Office of Christopher P. Welch can fight for the best possible outcome on your behalf and has achieved many successful case results in the past!

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How Search & Seizure Laws in California Can Help Your Defense!

California's search and seizure laws could play a big role in the defense of your drug crime case. If you are facing drug crime charges of any nature, then you should not wait to have Mr. Welch review the events leading up to your arrest to determine if illegal search and seizure was involved. Law enforcement officers are expected to abide by certain rules of conduct when proceeding with a drug search, and if these rules are not strictly followed then the charges that were made could be invalidated.

With an intimate understand of the state's search and seizure laws, Mr. Welch has been able to successfully defend dozens of clients against their drug crime charges. He may be able to do the same for you, so don't hesitate to contact the firm today.

Penalties for Drug Crime Charges

  • The penalties you could face upon conviction for a drug crime will depend on the degree of the offense. Generally, drug crime offenses carry the following types of penalties:
  • Fines
  • Jail time
  • Probation
  • Mandatory drug, alcohol, and / or psychological counseling
  • Loss of income or loss of employment

Drug crime penalties can double when the offense occurs near a school or when the offense involves minors. If you forego your right to legal representation and you are ultimately convicted, you could experience difficulty in obtaining any future job that requires government or security clearance.

Types of Drug Cases in California Handled by Our Firm

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