Charged with Making a Criminal Threat?

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California District Attorneys frequently charge defendants with criminal threats. Many people do not realize that a criminal threats charge is 1) extremely serious and 2) often very difficult to beat. An experienced and creative criminal defense lawyer at the Law Office of Christopher P. Welch can work to maximize your chances of success, but prevention is always the best medicine.

  • It is important to:
  • Avoid making threats of any kind, even vaguely threatening statements (e.g. “you’ll pay for this”) can get you in trouble
  • Remember that text messages and messages on the Internet are not necessarily private and may be used against you, even if you delete them later
  • Know that creating a new social media profile or e-mail account does not necessarily mean you can’t be caught
  • Particularly avoid directing abusive language at police officers
  • Never discourage someone from calling the police, even if you think it is excessive or unnecessary

If you or someone you love has been accused of criminal threats, don’t settle for less than the best representation, have a free consultation with the Law Office of Christopher P. Welch today.